Hiring a Transfer Maid

Hiring a Transfer maid can be challenging. 

1. How to select the right one - in skill sets, in attitude, in conduct?

2. The documentation process of personal documents to prepare, income tax returns, family members' details etc. Mind-boggling.
3. The costs -upfront. Can range upwards of S$3,000 to peak during Covid period of S$7,000!
And, what if it doesn't work out?

4. The Waiting Time. A new maid from overseas can land in Singapore in a month to 3 months. What if you need a maid as soon as possible? Your current maid has to return home. A family member needing extra care urgently?


A Transfer maid is a helper who is currently in Singapore but the employer has to assist her to find a new employer for various reasons. One could be a loss of income. Another could be the demise of the elderly. The children could have grown up. The employers are moving out of Singapore.

Here is the Answer and the Process

1. We help you define your requirements for a maid.

2. We screened suitable ones for you.
3. You interview face to face, in person. What you see is what you get. Blemish and all. 
4. You confirm the maid, and pay the Transfer Fees of S$ 1,000. 
5. Housekeepers'  will apply for the Work Permit. Typically,  your transfer maid would be in your home within ONE WEEK.
6. You pick up your maid on deployment day.
No Frills. No Hidden Costs.
1. You pay S$1,000 as Service Fees.
2. The typical transfer maid pays ZERO placement fees to  Housekeepers'.
And ... the last tip if you want to select your ideal transfer maid fast. Come down to our office on Sundays between 11 am to 3 pm. You might be spoilt for choice

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