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From the many testimonials we have over the years, we humbly choose 3 that are representative of our strengths in Myanmar Maids and Transfer maids.

Testimonial #1

“Edamar, the Filipino transfer helper recruited from Aedge Maids, is a great help to me and my aging sister. Housekeepers'  recommended her for her diligence, caregiving experience, and great Singapore-style cooking. My sister and I are now well taken care of, and we spent our retired years entertaining friends and relatives at home, and being visited by the grandchildren, who grew up loving Edamar for her caring nature.”  Brigette, Serangoon Gardens

Testimonial #2

“I am thankful for the Myanmar Maid that I recruited from Mike. Nan Hliang, the maid, is young at 26, quiet, ever ready with a smile, and dotes on my daughters like her own. Hlaing, with hesitant English, initially picks up the language real fast and now communicates effectively with the family. Moreover, she has picked up Teochew, my mother’s lingo, and my Mum now has a companion when the kids are at school. Hlaing does all the household work well and daily escorts my kids to and from the neighborhood school. Mike has been reliable in recommending us the right maid. Most grateful.” Sam, Web designer, Seng Kang.

Testimonial #3

“Tylene of this company has been very helpful. The key point is that she listened carefully and match us 3 maids (Filipino Maid, Indonesian Maid, and Myanmar Maid) to date. The first, a Filipino ex-nurse is for the last 7 years the primary caregiver for my mother. My mother is well taken care of at home, assisted in daily mobility and medical aspects, cozy, and surrounded by loved ones. The second is an Indonesian with us for 3 years, hardworking and diligent in managing the household chores. The third is a Myanmar caregiver, who attended a 3months course in Yangon, cheerful and great help in standing in for my Filipino helper whenever she takes her off day. She assists both helpers well in household duties, and mobility assist to Mum. She is also a potential step-up primary caregiver for my mother in case our loved Filipino helper decides to go home. The 3 maids are great too at caring for my 6 grandchildren, from toddlers to K1 dynamites whenever they come visiting! Housekeepers'  staff are experienced in finding a good match.” Edy Chew, Bukit Timah.