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Transport / Escort to the Airport


Transport / Escort Your Helper to the Airport

Time to repatriate your Maid? You are busy and unable to see her off to the Airport?


Housekeepers' partnering driver  will fetch your MDW to the Airport, assist her to check in, and visually see her pass the Departure Gate and the Immigration Checkpoint. Your Security Bond is thus secured. Our drivers are trained to perform this service. Do call us to arrange this service 3 days in advance of your maid's departure.

Our charges for repatriation services is as follows:

              1. Cancellation of Work Permit             S$ 50

              2.  Air Ticket                                              Seasonal Quote

              3. Application for Special Pass               S$ 30

              4. Transport  & Escort  to Airport           S$ 100  

                 (No refund on flight cancellation)        

To ensure a smooth departure at the Airport, do have the following documents with the maid on pick up:

  • The Maid's  Valid Passport

  • The Special Pass

  • Work Permit Card

  • Copy of Flight Ticket

  • Ensure all outstanding salaries are paid and with her signed acknowledgment.

Please note that a 3-day advance booking is required. Upon receipt of the employer's inquiry, we will call to ascertain flight and pick-up details.

Do note that MOM Regulations require that the maid be informed of her departure in advance.  If she refuses to depart at the Airport, she will still be the responsibility of the Employer. If she insists on returning to the Employer's home from the Airport, we will have to charge another trip and this is to be agreed upon with a text message from the Employer before we assist in transporting her back to the Employer's house.