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Helper Having Counselling Session

Your new FDW or experienced MDW despite our training and briefs, and your pre-employment brief, may still harbour discomfort in your home and quickly develop performance and attitude issues during the settling in period.
Misunderstanding is likely to occur with a new
maid having to adjust to a different country, language, culture and people, and different living habits overnight. Employers too may be 

unfamiliar with other countries' culture, behavior and conduct. Maid and employer need time beyond the initial settling-in period to give each other space and time to develop a mutually caring relationship.

Differing expectations
Differing expectations on manners, chores prioritising, standard of performance, attitude to work, work conditions, rest, rest day and sleep conditions can easily boils over.

New Maids  are likely to misunderstand while experienced maids are prone to unhappiness over expectations issues. Talking and clearing up and changing behavior is the most sensible way forward.

Our Consultants in Housekeepers'  have much hand-on counselling expertise using our experience and sometime linguistic and cultural assistance. Especially during the initial settling in period, we are committed to help counsel the maid to correct the misunderstandings and sometimes, unrealistic expectations. It has worked most times.

In the event it does not work, which do happen, we will recommend a transfer for the maid and give the employer a replacement according to our contract. We aim to be successful in counselling.

Beyond the settling -in period, we were will assist with consultation for the employer, and needed counselling by the maid on any issue.