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Transfer Maid

Why Hire A Transfer Maid?

A transfer maid in Singapore can be deployed to a new employer within a week. It is fast and easy.


Transfer maids are with the Covid pandemic preferred over new maids from overseas as it is less costly and less uncertain with Covid travel restrictions to employ.


However, most employers also found it in their interests to hang on to their existing maids. As a result there were many employers for the few transferring maids resulting in outbidding fees and terms such as free replacements ceased.


With the recent Covid- relaxation, the situation may revert to normalcy with a balance of employers turning overseas to new recruits.

Benefits of Transfer Maids.

They are likely to be more experienced. Not suffering from settling-in issues such as homesickness, cultural shock, linguistics inadequacies, and unfamiliarity. This may mean greater multi-tasking ability, higher productivity, and dependability. 


Many transfer maids thus require little supervision and could be entrusted with vital tasks of baby care, elderly care, and pet care. Some may also have mastered Western, Chinese, and Indian cooking!

Drawbacks of Transfer Maids

Some employers may think Transfer Maids have experience and expectations that make them "harder to manage". They might have pre-conceived ways of doing things that an employer may find difficult in changing to fit in. Their expectations of more handphone time, more off days (including public holidays), or some may even ask for a weekend stay out, which is definitely illegal! 

Costs of Transfer Maids

Compared to New Maid from overseas, Transfer Maid's agency fees are lower at less than $1,000 without the recruitment, out-processing documentation, and flight cost overseas.


Their salaries are usually higher with every 2 years contract with one employer adding $50 to their basic salary. At $ 700 or thereabout, negotiation between the transfer maid and the employer determines the final strike salary for the years of experience. Some transferred maids in Singapore have over 10 years  experience!






The Process to Employ a Transfer Maid from Us.

Transfer Maids who have obtained permission to transfer would register with our office. We prepare their resume which employers can review online.


The best way of finding an ideal transfer maid would be to visit our office on any Sunday between 11.00 am to 5 pm and interview the maids available. 

After a match is successful, Housekeepers' will help the new employer obtain permission from the current Employer to transfer and ensure the levy payment is up to date. Date of release is negotiated and usually within a week, an application for a pass with the Ministry of Manpower is done and the transfer maid moves to your residence.

         OR Hire a New Maid - plenty to choose

now that Covid VTL is over


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