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     DIRECT HIRE Your Own Maid
- From Indonesia, Myanmar of the Philippines or here in Singapore

We service you in hiring your own source of maid, be she in Singapore or Overseas.

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We service you in hiring your own source of maid, be she be introduced by a friend or you met at social media. The maid may be overseas in Indonesia, Myanmar or the Philippines. We will process and document her to arrive in Singapore or be transfered to your name if she is in Singapore.

Direct Hiring Defined

Direct hiring occurs when you have identified a suitable helper who has agreed preferably in writing that she is willing to be employed by you with terms and conditions firmed up in writing to work for you. The circumstances under which you may have access to a Direct Hire could be:

·     Your previous MDW who has returned to her country, wants to work for you again.

·     Recommended by a friend or by another MDW.

·     A transfer from a friend.

·     You found each other on social media or at the Children's Playground in your estate.



The keys terms you may want to have in writing could include:​

·     Salary per month

·     Number of rest days per month.

·     Contract Period - standard is 2 years.

·     Leave period after contract before renewal.

·     Number of family members.

·     Main Duties.

Direct hire's application procedures for a MDW in Singapore with valid Work Permit follow that of a Transfer MDW and the  deployment can be within a week.   The key requirements are that :

·     The MDW agrees to the transfer  on the basis of the written terms.

·     The current employer consents to the transfer.

Direct Hire's application procedures for an applicant in her country follows that of of a NEW MDW application. The deployment may take one month to three. This form of hire is complicated involving 2 countries' Laws. To guard your interests and ensure the applicant's successful arrival, it is best you engage us to act for you.​

Key Terms to Note

Direct Hire Procedures with Maid in Singapore

Direct Hiring Procedures with Maid Overseas