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Its time now again to renew your maid's contract after more than 1.5 years.  We help you renew headache-free ----professionally, properly, and transparently with your maid so that no misunderstanding will occur.

Possible hiccups in renewal:

             a. You need to know the process and documentation with MOM. Where to purchase the security bond and submission to MOM.

             b. How much salary increment should you give to your renewing maid?

             c. How do you formalise her new request for more off day/s?


Our Renewal Process

a. Email us the employer's Identity Card and your Maid's WP Card.

b. Pay our professional fees via PayNow at S$ 100 to our Company's UEN.

c. We check her medical examination is up to date or can arrange at your costs for your maid's medical examinations and submission of results to MOM.


 d. We submit the application for renewal to MOM and on approval prepare:


      (1) Your Maid's Insurance and Security Bond of your choice at S$ 318.33  or more depending on your desired package.

     (2) The new Contract between you and your maid.

     (3) The new Salary Schedule