Lady screaming at Maids Sales Offer

 Myanmar   maids

Yes, 20% off our Agency Fees of $ 788!

AedgeMaids' April thru May 2022 Offer for Myanmar Maids

                           Normal    Special 

Agency Fees      $ 788    $ 630   
$158 Off
WP Application   $35
Medical                $95 (with serology)
SIP                        $75
Food & Lodging   $90
Transport              $90
E-Issuance            $30

Insurance & Security Bond       $300 +

Salary Deductions      6 Months (Other agencies may be 7 months) 

ACT Now: Your ideal Myanmar Maids
may arrive within a week.
(Only Myanmar candidates with passport.)

Our Supportive Replacement Policy
    1. 2 Free Replacements within 6 months. Conditions are:
        a. The "returned" maid must be allowed to be
             transferred through Aedge maids.
         b. The Employer needs NOT pay the Agency Fees
              of $1,200 for the replacement maid.
          c. The Employer needs to "top up"
               the salary deduction that has 
               been "used". For example, the
               Employer returns the maid
               after 3 months, he needs to
               pay 3 more months salary
               deduction for the replacement
           d. The Employer needs to pay
               the Third Party costs listed
               above  from WP Application
               to Security Bond.

Why Choose a Myanmar Maid from  Housekeepers?:    
     1. We are strong in Myanmar Maid
     2. With wider choice in experience,
          skills, maid's work preferences,
          we can confidently get a likely
           good match the first time.
     3. Our Myanmar maids can typically
         land  FAST  in Singapore within 2
         weeks after selection.