Why Filipinas? Why are Filipino Helpers Most in Demand?

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The Number Speaks For Itself

There are 250,000 Filipino Helpers in Singapore. The highest nationaliy in absolute numbers for helpers in Singapore. The most in demand group for many reasons.

What are the Reasons for the Filipino Helper's Popularity in Singapore?

No 1.  Filipinas are SMART. Many employers acknowledge this in Singapore. So when it comes to real tough needs in the house such as raising smart kids, or taking care of gravely ill elderly. Filipinas are preferred for they can be as good as care givers in Old Folks' home. And in an emergency, they generally know what they need to do to advert a possible disaster. They too are efficient and fast workers. They understand instruction fast and hence can get it first time right.

No 2 Filipinos are Friendly and Caring. Filipinas are relationship people. They often place other's needs before their own. They are generous and sociable, caring less for their own concerns than other people's comfort and needs. Hence, bed ridden elderlies find them warm and great companions. Children are easily endeared to "Ate" for her caring touch.

No 3 Command of the English Language. Filipinas speak and write good English. Most young Singapore parent-employers prefer a Filipina with her good command of English and fairly good education to assist them in child upbringing. There is also less misunderstanding as the Filipino can hear and understand what Mum's requests are. When it comes to elderly care, Filipinas' good English is crucial in reading medicines labels and medicine taking routines.

Last Word. Singapore employers generally found that Filipinas are excellent at housekeeping. Their high personal hygiene and their health knowledge make for a clean and safer home for the frequently-absent-from-home, hardworking Singaporean Employer.

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