Maids From Myanmar

 Housekeepers'  is a strong Singapore maid agency deploying maids from Myanmar. Myanmar maids in the last few years are gaining in popularity in Singapore. Myanmar maids now form the third largest group of maids in Singapore after maids from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Myanmar maids are now considered more cosmopolitan, hardworking quietly diligent and very quick learners when it come to learning languages. Yes Language with a "S". Elderlies in Singapore like their Chinese dialect ability and companionship. Singapore children like the Myanmar maid's sweet, gentle touch.

Our Partners' Maid Training Centers

Housekeepers' works with several Partners' Maid Training Centers in Yangon. Our partners take great pains to screen applicants ensuring those with positive attitude are selected. 

The Myanmar maids are trained in a 4-week Training Curriculum. Only the successful trainees are allowed to be interviewed by prospective employers.

Our Partners' Training include:
                  1. Oral English Training
                 2. Housekeeping skills
                3. Adaptive Situational Skills
               4. Orientation to Singapore

Oral English Training is taught in small groups of up to 8 persons. The emphasis is on listening and spoken English. Vocabulary work centers on household words related to the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, garden and family members with words like uncle and girl taught. Words to help the maid's understanding requests such as wash, cook, iron, shower baby, feed grandmother etc are taught. Others are vocabulary to help the maid gets around Singapore on their off day.

Housekeeping Skills include household duties, baby care, infant care and elderly care. Cooking Singaporean dishes, and operating household electrical appliances are also imparted.

Adaptive Situational Skills such as receiving employers coming home, emergencies at home and behavior with other members of the family are also taught. 

Orientation to Singapore The Myanmar maid is also oriented to the cultural, physical and racial landscapes of Singapore.

Key Processes for A Myanmar Maid to Come Singapore
The 5 main steps in deploying a maid from Myanmar to Singapore are:
         1. Employer Interview, selection and Contract Signing.
         2. MOM Application by agent and approval by the Ministry of Manpower.
         3. In Yangon, out-processing such as passport, medical and air ticket purchase, depart to  Airport. Maids need to have passport, air ticket, In-Principle-Approval from the  Singapore Ministry of Manpower when boarding plane.
          4.  In Singapore, arrival and pick-up by agent. The in-processing in Singapore are:
          a. Medical Examinations
           b. Attending the one-day Settling in Programme (SIP) (For first maid only)
          c. Ministry of Manpower E-Issuance (thumb printing)
          d. Orientation and deployment brief on contracts, duties, off day and problem management by agent for the maid
                  5. Pick up by Employer, final brief and then to the Employer's home to start work.

Myanmar Maid Cooking_edited.jpg

Oral English Class in progress in Yangon

Myanmar Maids English Training.jpeg
Closeup portrait of a beautiful Myanmar_woman With a smiley face, and using a smart phone
Happy Myanmar Maid checking handphone in Singapore